Castoffz-Artful Recycle


There are significant orthopedic episodes, breaks and injuries in life where coping skills are tested and we are immobilized with casts and titanium plates, screws and appliances; when removed, ‘the cast and characters’ demand creative recycling. When done well, emotions, personalities and sentiments shine through – creating a fine art souvenir which will last a lifetime.

My specialty is working creatively with children and adults in my psychotherapy private practice and studio art explorations. I provide a safe setting for sharing your orthopedic journey and co-creating an aesthetic which will convert your negative associations to positive ones…through artful whimsy.

It would be an honor and a pleasure to share this journey with you and recycle your cast and assorted orthopedic cast supports into a wonderful CASTOFFZ sculpture. Below you can view a fiberglass arm cast transformed into a cactus with flowers and a hummingbird!

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