Pet Memorial Tables and Dog Memory Pillows

IMG_0541-1024x768websizeThe loss of a beloved pet is a time of bereavement and is fertile ground for grief work.

I offer grief work utilizing a creative experience in my Griffgarden Art Studio in Venice, CA.  This can also be accomplished long-distance through email correspondence, telephonic communication, and photograph sharing.

IMG_0550-1024x768websizeThe session can last up to 4 hours wherein a table (end table with drawer from an unfinished furniture store or a used end table from a Salvation Army, Goodwill, Out of the Closet, etc. donation store) is created with collage and decoupage of photos and quotes which reflect memories shared in your pet’s lifetime.
The entire piece is painted to reflect the pet’s fur coloring and the drawer is utilized as a container to hold the leash, collar and

Original gourd urn in memory of my first Pet Partner, Zeesee.

other significant items that represent the pet’s belongings, memorabilia and lifetime photos.

If the pet was cremated, the urn can be placed on the tabletop or an original gourd urn can be created specifically for the memory table.

Please call 310-301-9990 or email me at Pictured is the Original gourd urn in memory of Dr. Judy’ s first Pet Partner, Zeesee.

These are small hand-held “Dog Memory Pillows” customized to represent your beloved dog. You can hold the pillow to you heart when you need comforting after the loss of your beloved dog.
These are one-of-a-kind, made to order. Contact Dr. Judy@310-301-9990