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I provide supportive and caring PSYCHOTHERAPY for children, adolescents and adults – couples, families, individuals. STUDIO ART EXPERIENCE for individuals and groups takes place in my Venice Studio, “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” cooking therapy classes for groups and individuals in my “green house kitchen”, SOCIAL SKILLS GROUPS and PARENT GUIDANCE, COUPLES AND INDIVIDUALS are held at my Wilshire Blvd. Office in West Los Angeles at:
12401 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite #304,
Los Angeles, CA 90025.

I am a veteran, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and Clinical Child Psychologist Ph.D. who is offering, as an adjunct to my basic office based treatment for adults and children, Art Experience, Social Skills Groups for children from pre-school through adolescence and adult groups for Art Exploration and “Food for Thought” Cooking Therapy — my unique approach to sharing: reconnecting memories, opening inner worlds to patients on the path of self-discovery and journal writing specific thoughts and feelings during artistic and creative cooking expression.

My approach to children and parent guidance comes from my training as a child development specialist with over 40 years of experience as an educator, group worker and psychotherapist.

I have been a teacher and curriculum developer, school principal as well as in Private PsychotherapyPractice for over twenty five years. My Practice is open for referrals.

In addition, I am a Delta Society Pet Partner with my Registered Therapy Dogs and utilize them in my practice of psychotherapy. Animal Assisted Therapy is goal directed and my registered therapy dogs, small Brussels Griffons, are trained to work with specific complex patients, work as volunteers on the UCLA People Animal Connection Team, at the UCLA Santa Monica Orthopedic Hospital and Medical Center in Intensive Care Units, pediatrics, oncology, medical surgery units, at the locked psychiatric unit in the Wadsworth VA Hospital, at drop off adult daycare centers for Alzheimer and Dementia patients and R.E.A.D. (Reading Assistance Therapy Programs) at local schools and libraries around the Greater Los Angeles area. Therapy dogs often work in my private practice to assist and support specific patient needs.

As an adjunct to my primary treatment work, I am offering classes in my Venice home office and Art Studio for Art Studio Experience Therapy and “Food for Thought” Cooking Therapy which which involves social skills development, creativity, self-discovery and group process. I also offer individual work in both areas if that is the client’s specific need. I do specific grief work with patients experiencing pet loss using art media which I call “Pet Memorial Tables” and work with patients who have experienced orthopedic injuries and wish to celebrate their cast as a work of art using Cast Offs Art Therapy. I also have space in my practice for individual child, adolescent and adult/ couples/parenting patients.

I also present programs with my Delta Pet Partner Registered Therapy Dogs to schools who wish class to class visits or assemblies to learn more about Animal Assisted Therapy and Pet Assisted Activity Programs. Children enjoy visiting with my “working dogs.”

This site contains information on my artwork to help promote healing in a creative modality when individuals experience orthopedic injuries and need plaster or fiberglass casts, and, if necessary, surgery to place titanium hardware to set their bones. CASTOFF’Z are individualized sculptures I create with client input to uniquely recycle their casts.

For more information, telephone me at 310-207-2998 leaving me some convenient times to reach you. You can e-mail me at jbnpatientinfo@aol.com.

You can reach my Office Manager, Allison Gelfond, at 310-207-2993 (allison12401@aol.com) to set up an appointment, a phone time to talk with me at a mutually convenient time or to discuss business concerns.

Dr. Judy Bin-Nun Ph.D., MFT 24814

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