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Autism services offered in Greater Los Angeles Area, Venice, CA

Autism can be a challenging developmental disorder to navigate; however, the right support, guidance, and personalized strategies can help you and your loved ones find positive ways to manage and grow. In Venice, California, licensed psychotherapist Judith Bin-Nun, PhD, MA, LMFT, LPCC, and the team provide individualized care for autism that includes targeted therapies to improve communication, social skills, and daily functioning. Call today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

What is autism?

Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects how people behave, learn, communicate, interact with others, and perceive the world. It’s a developmental condition that usually causes symptoms within a child’s first two years of life. 


While autism is a lifelong disorder, its impact can vary widely. Some people face significant challenges in communication and daily living, while others experience milder symptoms. With effective support and resources, people with autism can lead fulfilling lives.

What are the signs of autism?

Autism causes a wide range of symptoms that affect social communication, including:


  • Difficulty maintaining eye contact
  • Disinterest in interactive games
  • Trouble noticing when others are hurt or unhappy
  • Lack of sad, angry, or happy facial expressions by nine months
  • Lack of interest in playing with others


May children with autism have specific behaviors, such as:


  • Repeating words or phrases
  • Obsessive interests
  • Strict routines
  • Sensitivity to certain sounds, smells, and tastes
  • Predictable playing patterns


Autism can also lead to other characteristics, including:


  • Delayed speech and/or movement
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty developing new learning skills
  • Lack of emotion


If you suspect your child may be showing some of these behaviors or characteristics, seek support and guidance from the team in Venice, California.

What causes autism?

While scientists don’t know the exact cause, many factors can increase a child’s chances of having autism, such as having:


  • Complications at birth
  • Older parents
  • Siblings with autism
  • Tuberous sclerosis, fragile X syndrome, or other chromosomal conditions
  • Low birth weight


Autism doesn’t discriminate based on race or socioeconomic status, but it is more commonly diagnosed in boys than girls, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What are the most effective treatments for autism?

Your provider in Venice, California, takes a customized approach to autism treatment. With targeted therapies, such as child, animal-assisted, and art experience therapy, your provider can support communication and emotional expression development in engaging ways.


The practice also offers child therapy and psychotherapy techniques, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), to help improve emotional regulation and address anxiety or other challenges. These therapeutic techniques can support positive behavior changes and help develop coping strategies for you or your child.


Parent guidance is available for caregivers to learn how to best support their child at home. These strategies may help parents manage challenging behaviors, encourage positive interactions, and understand their child’s unique needs.


Call the Venice, California, office today or schedule an appointment online to receive compassionate care for autism.